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Axion  Games  Ltd.
We are a China-based developer of high-quality online games with advanced 3D, graphics for mobile, personal computer, or PC, and console platforms.
Since inception, we have worked on multiple major global game titles developing game assets, ranging from 3D character models to game level modules.
By leveraging the talents of our highly-skilled developers and our low cost structure, we have been able to create premium games with complex visual effects at a much lower cost compared to our competitors in developed countries, such as the United States.
Who We Are?
Axion Games Ltd., an online video game developer, game publisher and video game academy, is owned by Axion Ventures Inc., a Canada based, publicly listed investment company with offices in Vancouver, Shanghai & Bangkok. Though we have grown our game studio and IP portfolio over the last eleven years, we are still a relatively young company with ambitious staff. We are passionate about game development, innovation and have a culture of a relentless pursuit of quality and creativity. As a result of our outsourcing heritage, we also have put in place a culture of cost control and have implemented cost accounting oversight protocols that allow us to identify and address budgeting and execution inefficiencies as they arise.
Our people are our most valuable assets and we greatly value our employees. To work for us a developer must have already shown a high level of competency with basic game development techniques. We offer in-house training in advanced development to selected employees through our highly regarded training center, our Game Academy. We also provide through our Game Academy consulting services relating to game development courses to students who are passionate about making video games. At the Game Academy, trainees and students work with instructors from our development staff and external consultants who have deep experience developing premium-quality titles.
We believe the success of our business is largely reliant on and driven by the continuous efforts made by our technical personnel.
Axion Games was exclusive licensor of Unreal Engine for 8 years and is expert at server tech and engine modification and development. (Unreal Engine, Atlas server Tech).
We have developed our proprietary Atlas technology, which is an MMO development suite that provides us with a solid foundation to build, manage, and operate sophisticated games on a rapid, cost-effective basis.
Atlas’ robust scalable server architecture enables massively multiplayer games to be played in poor network environments, including large-scale interactions such as 3D real time battles with 1,000 or more active players on each side.
Atlas’ content management tools help us build and adjust game environments and thus allow us to quickly update online games according to player feedback. Atlas technology can also be used to support in-game communication functions on mobile game platforms. Such technology is embedded with a control system allowing multiple users to operate a program at the same time, which may effectively improve the teamwork efficiency.
Our Atlas technology allows us to collect and analyze a wide array of data from players of games we operate on a daily basis. Analyzing players’ in-game behavior, such as frequency of using specific game functions, reaction to localized game settings, receptiveness of promotional activities, buying patterns, etc., better enables us to roll out frequent upgrades to enhance the features of our games, attract more players to become paying players and increase sales of in-game items.
We rely on local trademark and copyright law, trade secret protection and contractual arrangements to protect our intellectual property. We enter into confidentiality and non-compete agreements with our employees. We also have confidentiality and other clauses in the agreements with our licensees to protect our intellectual property rights in the games and technologies we license to them.
We have entered into license agreements with overseas game distributors under which we generally grant the distributors an exclusive right to operate, use, manage, distribute, promote and maintain the licensed games in specific geographic territories. Under our license agreements, the overseas game distributors usually pay us an initial licensing fee, usually in installments, and on-going royalties which are generally determined based on monthly revenue generated from the operation of licensed games. Such royalties are usually subject to a minimum guarantee. In addition, we, as the licensor, are typically responsible for training of the distributors’ technical personnel and customer service support staff and providing updated versions of licensed games. The licensees are usually responsible for the installation of the server equipment, maintenance of the network infrastructure, providing customer service, translation of the licensed game and preparation of a billing system.
Our Services
Axion is a multifaceted company, looking to help you make the most of your game at every turn. We provide answers to your questions with our in-house customer service. We can provide you a new set of eyes, allowing you to know your game is bug-free and enjoyable for the player with our testing platform. We can lend a helping hand, offering our vast resources to help your product reach new heights. We can help your game reach new markets through our publishing network.
Our Games

An innovative new PC online 3rd Person Shooter featuring RPG elements


A compelling story-line to bring the console experience to online players.

  • Mars3
  • Kingdom2
  • Mars2
  • RF1
  • Fat Princes
  • MARS
  • Phobos
  • Kingdom
  • Legend
  • AR / VR
For Publishing inquiries please contact us  here.

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