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About Us

Corporate information of Axion Games Ltd.

Axion Games has created a new path for how the games industry brings game ideas to market.
Axion Games is an Idea Lab which serves its partners in three key aspects: as a Development Partner, as an IP partner, and as a Financial Partner.

We aspire to become a leading game company in China and to expand our operations into select other markets in Southeast Asia.  In order to achieve sustainable growth, we intend to:

  • focus on higher production value products and technologies that smaller studios might find challenging technically or cost prohibitive;
  • deliver a diversified portfolio across game genres and device platforms;
  • increase the scale of our portfolio with potential co-development and other partnership opportunities;
  • increase self-publishing of our games in select markets; and
  • increase our development and publishing operations in other Asian markets outside China.
  • Axion Games Ltd. is the only World Class studio in Emerging Asia
  • Axion Games Ltd. can make any game at 1/10 the American cost, and get the product to market 30% faster than American studios.
  • Axion Games’ engineering skills surpass most global studios.
  • Axion Games has its own portfolio of over 1,200 man years of mostly large-scale PC/Console product.

As gaming platforms become more powerful and able to handle games with more complex graphics in massive multi-player environment, we anticipate game players will increasingly demand games, including mobile games, with advanced 3D graphics.  We believe our experience developing high quality games at low cost will enable us to take advantage of this trend to deliver added value to our game players.  With our unique strengths, we aspire to become a leading developer and publisher of massive multi-player online, or MMO, games, with advanced 3D graphics for the mobile, PC and console markets.

Our  Mission
To become the first Great Developer of globally-loved video games in China and SEA and to be the world’s leading developer of AAA quality, premier games at the lowest cost

Our advanced development capabilities differentiate us from many of our Chinese competitors.  At the same time, our highly-efficient developers combined with our China base allow us to develop premium games at a much lower cost than our competitors in developed countries.

Historically, we have developed game assets and games primarily for our outsourcing clients, which typically have stringent requirements with respect to quality, cost and prompt delivery.  In order to meet these requirements, our developers must use the latest techniques and technologies, rigorously account for their time, and timely identify problems.  By continually challenging our developers to meet stringent requirements of our outsourcing clients, we believe our outsourcing business has both served as an excellent training platform for our developers and also created a culture of excellence, efficiency and accountability.  As we gained more advanced development know-how and capabilities by providing services to our outsourcing clients, we have developed an ability to produce premium-quality products at a fraction of the costs incurred by our Western or Japanese competitors.

Drawing on the skills and experience we developed working as an outsourcing provider, we recently began to shift our focus to proprietary game development.  By leveraging the experience gained through our outsourcing business, our developers have been able to create a portfolio and pipeline of games in each of the PC online, console and mobile platforms.  As of September 30, 2014, we had three completed titles that proceeded to commercial launch, all of which have generated gross profit at the game level.  In addition, we have 10 additional titles in various stages of development (from advanced game prototypes to games in the design phase to games for which coding and content are nearly complete).  Of the 10 titles in our pipeline, five are mobile online games, two are online PC MMO games, including a role-playing game, or RPG, and a third-person shooter, or TPS, and three are console versions of our PC online games.  We expect all of these games will be ready to launch in the next 24 months, subject to positive feedback during market testing.

  • Known as the highest-quality production studio in China
  • Contributed to 20+ AAA global titles on production of art assets
Our  Management Team

John Todd Bonner/ Founder

John Todd Bonner is one of the founders of Axion and has served as a director of Axion since January 2007.


Mr. Bonner also co-founded and was an executive director of PCCW Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange which acquired Hong Kong Telecommunications Limited in 2000.


Mr. Bonner retired from PCCW group of companies in 2003 and co-founded NorthStar Pacific Partners in 2003, an Indonesian based merchant bank and Axion Games, a Singapore based venture capital firm.


Mr. Bonner graduated with a B.S.C. from Stanford University.
Message from CEO

“The escalating cost of games will be an Extinction Level Event for all BUT the greatest developers who have recent hits”


Mark Henry Saft / Board Director, Global Licensing & Business Development 

Mark Henry Saft is the Business Development and Licensing Director of Axion Ventures, Inc.  Mr. Saft spearheads the global sales of Axion’s IP portfolio, including the landmark games developed by Axion Games, a subsidiary of the Company.


Mr. Saft concurrently serves as a Board Director of True Axion Games, a Joint Venture video game academy and development studio in Thailand formed with True Incube, a subsidiary of True Corporation Public Company Limited, one of Southeast Asia’s leading telecommunications, media enterprises and game publishers. Mr. Saft has extensive global contacts from his previous executive experience based in Japan, North America, and Southeast Asia.  Mr. Saft founded a leading Japan-based executive search firm, The Ingenium Group, Inc, in 2000 and began his career in executive search in 1995. His network of business professionals is far-reaching and encompasses senior executives from a variety of industries.


Prior to coming to Japan, Mr. Saft served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was honorably discharged in 1993 as a Captain and is a lifetime Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of The United States. Mr. Saft earned his Master of Arts degree in Asian Studies from California State University, Long Beach in 1993 and is also a graduate of Loyola University, New Orleans, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Philosophy in 1989. Mr. Saft is originally from Kansas City, Missouri.

Our  Milestones

We commenced operations in 2006 and for several years focused primarily on providing premium outsourcing services and licensing game development technology to third party customers. We were formed as a joint venture between Epic Games International Ltd., or Epic, and Axion Entertainment Holdings Limited, or Axion, a holding company established by our founders. Early on, we provided outsourcing services to Epic and worked on several of Epic’s major hits. We expanded our reach and became a provider to numerous other game developers. We have delivered tens of thousands of premium game assets (including small assets, such as virtual weapons or characters, larger assets, such as game levels, maps, prototypes to show game dynamics, and even complete games) to dozens of clients. Our game assets have contributed to major global titles. We believe that we have established a reputation for quality, cost control and on-time completion. We further believe that, given the significantly higher game development costs in developed countries, publishers and studios can enjoy significant savings when they rely on our services.


Rising Fire Published by Tencent


Rising Fire featured as the marquee game to be released in 2017 at the 2016 Tencent Up show


Tencent enters into a publishing contract with us for Rising Fire


November 2014,

we changed our name from Epic Games China Limited to Axion Games Limited

Legend released

Kingdom released

January 2014

we established EGC Holdings Limited,

or EGC Holdings, in British Virgin Islands.


Phobos released

Mars released

[Axion Games published its first Chinese product.

The game was downloaded 17 million times.]


Fat Princess released for PS3

[Axion Game’s first proprietary IP, published by Sony, became #1 hit on PS3]

August 2009

we incorporated Mocool Limited (formerly known as EGC Holdings Limited),

or Mocool, in Hong Kong.

Founded in 2006

We were incorporated as a joint venture in the Cayman Islands in October 2006 between Epic and Axion, a holding company established by our founders.




+ Employees


Published Titles


Titles to be Released

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