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Our Services

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Customer Service

Customer service is a key to building our brand and our relationships with our players, licensees and outsourcing clients. We train our customer service representatives with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We have a call center to respond to the inquiries, feedback or complaints from our players on a 24/7 basis.  In addition, our customer service staff may also be reached via other channels including WeChat, online forums and QQ groups

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Alpha-Beta Testing Platform

As games get larger and more complex, making sure your game works, both technically and mechanically, is a huge concern.

Finding a large sample size that can give proper input on bugs and faulty game systems can be expensive.

We look to provide cheap and efficient means for developers of all sizes to get the feedback they need to complete their masterpieces.

We are able to target the demographics you need, and give you tactile feedback on what can be fixed to give you the best results upon release.

With our platform set up in multiple Asian markets, we can target a wide variety of users, not only on an age or gendered basis, but on a regional basis as well

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Co-development capabilities for Indies

At Axion, we’re always looking to expand the horizons of the gaming industry. Beyond creating an accessible Alpha-Beta testing platform and pushing our own titles out into the world, we love to help smaller developers release incredible experiences by working alongside them.

Scope is one of the biggest struggles for smaller studios to deal with, as either prominent features must be cut to reach deadlines or bugs become a great concern as releases draw near. With our abundant resources at the disposal of capable developers, true classics can be realized.

Furthermore, with a large studio backing, Axion looks to make sure your game gets finished. So many great ideas never reach completion, but we’re looking to change the game on that front, too.

Overall, Axion wants to make sure your dreams, stories, and battles get told to the masses by lending you a helping hand. Don’t feel like you need to cut back just to complete your project; let us help!

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Game publishing in Thailand & China (and elsewhere in Asia)

Axion Games both develops and publishes in China (we have a VIE publishing license)

We typically license our proprietary games to publishers in a number of regions in order to achieve broad geographic distribution of our proprietary games. However, going forward, we plan to self-publish our games more frequently in China, and potentially in other jurisdictions.

We believe self-publishing has a number of advantages over a pure licensing model of distribution. Self-publishing provides us a greater level of control over how, where and when our games are promoted. We believe self-publishing will allow us to maximize the impact of our products, based on our detailed knowledge of our own games and how they fit into the Chinese market.


We believe this model will result in more consistent, more successful launches and sustained interest in promoting our games.

Finally, publishing a game ourselves provides us access to key metrics about player behavior. Self-publishing online games provides game developers with access to a wealth of real-time data, including player demographics, sources of user traffic, and other information relating to player behavior, including retention ratio, monthly ARPPU and conversion rate of non-paying players to paying players. We can analyze and use such information to improve game play, introduce new content, optimize monetization of in-game items and ultimately to help us develop and launch new commercially successful titles.

Our strong presence in China is one of our key strengths.  We intend to build on our Asian presence by expanding into other select Asian jurisdictions, primarily Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.  We believe operating in these jurisdictions could allow us to further cut our development costs and improve our labor retention rates.  Furthermore, we believe a presence outside of China would help us better understand specific local game markets and to fine tune our games to meet gamers’ demands and behavior in these local markets. Presence in additional jurisdictions would also enhance our ability to self-publish in these jurisdictions, rather than necessarily licensing to local publishers.

Publishing Inquiries